Tailwind iQ3 Vehicle Sensor

Please ensure you have checked your garage door opener's compatibility with Tailwind here before proceeding with your purchase of an iQ3 unit.

Comes with everything needed for one garage door. Add up to 2 more door kits to control up to 3 doors.

Do I Need A Vehicle Sensor?

This video explains whether or not you need a Tailwind Vehicle Sensor, followed by a short demonstration. In short, if you want the auto-open / close features and you have an iPhone, you need a vehicle sensor. If you have an Android phone and it is paired with your vehicle, you don't need a vehicle sensor.

Why does Tailwind require a sensor or vehicle Bluetooth?

It comes down to our core mission of improving the security of your home while adding convenience and throwing in some luxury for good measure. By detecting the presence of a vehicle bluetooth connection (Android phones only) or the presence of a Tailwind vehicle sensor (iPhones or Android phones), Tailwind is able to implement a type of 2 factor authentication before auto-opening the door. It requires an authorized phone and an authorized vehicle to approach home together. If someone were to steal your phone and go to your house with it, unlike other solutions that try to implement auto-open using standard geofencing, Tailwind's patented technology WILL NOT auto-open your garage door for them. In addition, for families with multiple garage doors and multiple vehicles, it enables the system to determine who is coming home, which vehicle they are driving, and open the correct door based on that user's preferences for that particular vehicle.

How do I set up a vehicle or vehicle sensor?


  • This accessory is REQUIRED for iPhone users to have the auto-open / close features (iOS 13+ required)
  • Allows Android users to have the auto-open / close features if they have vehicles without an active Bluetooth connection. 
  • Rainproof with IP65 rating makes it perfect for use with ATVs, Motorcycles, etc.
  • Powered by a replaceable CR2477 button cell battery. Battery included.
  • 3M Adhesive backing to ensure a secure mount.
What's Included:



Battery Model 1 x CR2477, 3V (Replaceable)
Battery Life (Expected) 1 year (configurable in app)
Operating Voltage 1.8 - 3.6V
Transmission Current 10.5mA
Transmission Range 1-20 feet (configurable in app)
Antenna 50 Ohm
Rainproof IP65
Net Weight 21g
Size Ø48 x 15 mm


UL Yes

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