Tailwind was born in 2015 when the founder Scott Riesebosch left his garage door open overnight - again. Thieves had also broken into his shed on another occasion. He started searching for solutions when he realized nothing “ticked all the boxes.” There was nothing on the market that offered safety, security, convenience, and luxury. Scott (an electrical engineer and serial entrepreneur) put together a team to design and launch what would become the WireCutter #1 Rated Smart Garage Door Controller - the Tailwind iQ3. Patented technology allows it to securely and automatically open your garage door for you as you as you arrive home, based on which vehicle you’re driving at the time. It can also automatically close the door if you drive away and forget to close it.

Customers can open, partially open, close, check door status, and receive alerts via the iOS or Android app. Families can "cross share" access with each other easily and conveniently, as well as grant temporary or time restricted access to certain people. You can keep an eye on your dad's garage while they're away, and you can grant the contractor or house keeper access to the garage only on certain days and times.

Tailwind integrates and works well with Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, Siri, Samsung SmartThings, and IFTTT. Tailwind offers excellent support and online resources. The mobile app continues to be developed, keeping the system current with the fast paced and ever changing smart technology market.